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1. Position of Marketing Mangement


1. Associate degree relevent to Stomatology or higher
2. Strong communicating skill, can present and explain the products independently
3. Have experiences of arranging large-scale exhibition
4. Can go on a business trip to provide academic support to distributors
5. Devoting to work and have a strong learning ability

2. Position of Sales Representative


1. Can take charge of the application development and maintenance in aimed region
2. Positive, devoting to work and achieve the sales goal
3. Prior to person with dental equipments' sales experiences

3. Key Account Manager


1. Relevant Bachelor degree of Medical Science or higher
2. Excellent communicating skills
3. Strong writing and speaking abilities
4. Devoting to work and have a great sense of responsibility
5. At least one year sales experience of clinical products
6. English is good

4. Sales Manager


1. Make the annual sales plan
2. Make the annual sales budget
3. Organize and manage the sales group
4. Devoting to work, positive, achieve the sales goal
5. Skilled at developing new business, equipped with the experience of managing distributors and negotiation.
6. Prior to persons with sales experiences of dental equipments

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